Cars in India from Come2India offers unbiased report on cars on the Indian roads - features, price, dealers, tips and information on automobile technology.

Automobile, Car,Das Auto, voiture, coche - they all mean the same - the four wheeled transport we are so passionate about. These pages are all about Cars - especially Cars in India.
From the distant past where Hindustan Motors' Ambassadors ruled the primitive Indian roads to the present where the Golden Quadrilateral expressways connecting our metropolises are punctuated with modern cars - you will find tantalizing information so assiduously compiled and presented here. Whether you are looking for information on the features of sedans within your budget or researching information about the VW's Pump Duse or Hyundai's Kappa engine technology, we have them here in this India Cars Portal - presented in simple plain English. Did we say with no commercial bias ? Yes. We belong to no automobile company. Our information is targeted at you - the consumer, the automobile enthusiast , the driver in you !

Cars in India

features hundreds of pages of painstakingly researched content on all the cars on the roads of India - illustrated with hundreds of photos. From various car models to their specifications, features, price, and in-depth information on service network are included in these pages from - with no commercial bias.
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