Renault Duster D

Renault-Duster-D Renault Duster D is powered by a 4cyl-DI engine with a 5M speed gearbox and costs approximately about Rs. 8.13 lakhs. It gives about 11 km per liter of Diesel in the city and about 16 kilometer per liter of Diesel on the Highways.

Renault Duster has 4cyl-DI cubic capacity engine which delivers 85 BHP with a torque figure of 200 Nm.
Renault Duster has a top speed of 140 Km per hour. This model comes with Air conditioning as standard fitting. In addition this Renault Duster also boasts of power steering and you get power windows too.

Complete Details about Renault Duster :

Price & Power Features
Car Model Renault Duster D
Price 8.13 (in lakh Rupees)
Engine 4cyl-DI
Gearbox 5M
Power(bhp) 85
Torque(Nm) 200
Top Speed 140 Km Per Hour
Mileage in city 11 KM/L
Mileage in Highways 16 KM/L
Fuel Type Diesel
Tubless Tyres Yes
Tinted Glass No
Air Conditioning Yes
Adjustment Steering Yes
Power Steering Yes
Power Windows Yes
Alloy Yes
Segment Sports Utility Vehicle
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